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Bungalow Buying Guide in 2021

Posted by admin on March 15, 2021

In these modern times, bungalow-styled homes have become increasingly one of the most sought-after urban lifestyles offering low-maintenance and open-concept living. Bungalows, in these times, are steadily emerging in new communes as the idyllic preference for families, and couples, along with empty-nesters, and golden-agers. There are some prominent advantages of living in a bungalow, consider these with our bungalow buying guide in 2021.

Are you speculating to Purchase a Bungalow in 2021? Know Everything from our Best Bungalow Buying Guide

bungalow buying guide in 2021

Significant Advantages to Consider Residing in a Bungalow from our bungalow buying guide in 2021

Open-Design Floor Plans

The specialties of a bungalow come with its open-design floor plans offering illuminated and airy living space. Hence, it attracts more natural light inside the house, thereby expanding the visibility of the residents. Likewise, this spacious feeling is also peaceful with the right utilization of given space and time.

Some Benefits of Open-Concept Layouts:

  • With a flexible design, one can even reconfigure the interior walls by removing them or keeping them as half-walls, benefitting the external light to reach further inside the bungalow.
  • One can also use concave-shaped roofs and taller windows to portray a visually expanded look of the areas inside the bungalow.  
  • Again, in designs wherein the dining space opens near the kitchen area, it can be comfortable to converse with the family members. Besides, this open-shaped kitchen can also assist to carry meals to the residents or guests in the living-cum-dining space.
  • Residents can also restructure a specific area inside the bungalow into a living space, office, or party room, as per the requirements, and when the family member increases.
  • An open design also aids in keeping surveillance on the kids from different areas, such as kitchens.
  • Moreover, such layouts enhance the sense of attachment among the family members, unlike flat-type arrangements of separate rooms for the residents.

Ease of Accessibility

Ease of Accessibility

As bungalow-styled homes are designed all-in-one level, it offers an ease of accessibility for the dwellers, particularly those with transportability barriers like elderly persons and smaller kids. Besides, it also offers easier access to persons resorting to walking frames, or wheelchairs, as they can move freely without any restrictions. Again, they do not have to move to different floors through the stairways for different homely affairs. Moreover, the parents can manage their kids without any risks of toppling over any staircases. Additionally, it helps the residents to go around the spaces for cleaning purposes more conveniently.   


Over and above, bungalows are usually situated in spaces, where other bungalow properties also co-exist, so there are no options of neighbors deliberately looking from their second-floor windows. Besides, another specialty of a bungalow is that they come with lush gardens at their back portion, which are filled with shrubs and high trees helping to generate a private environment. Again, bungalows are mostly quartered in quiet residential areas, so it brings in added seclusion and peacefulness. Moreover, bungalows are generally detached and semi-detached properties, which means they are built more in separate plots, so there is less noise pollution from surrounding houses, facilitating a tranquil atmosphere.

Feasible Maintenance

Low maintenance

Besides, with a bungalow-type house with more open-spaced configurations, it becomes easier to clean and manage the entire space. Hence, as dwellers live all in a single level, there is no need to carry heavy vacuum cleaners to various floors for maintaining the house. Besides, with the open-plan layout, there are no issues of any gaps and corners for arduous clean-up activities.

Again, due to the same open-style design, a bungalow remains appropriately hot in the winter season while comfortably cool in the summertime. Moreover, it also helps the owner to have additional alternatives while considering renovating the bungalow. Hence, in our Bungalow Buying Guide in 2021, the would-be owners can easily find this usefulness and adaptability to mitigate costs by managing the entire operations of the bungalow and related overheads within limits.


In our Complete Guide for Buying a Bungalow, property buyers look into the desirability attribute of the bungalows. The fact that bungalows are so popular, especially with families and new property buyers is due to its benefit of adaptability. Owners can easily make add-ons such as; add one more level or floor with more rooms. The specific open-style design of a bungalow itself can offer the owner enhanced flexibility in terms of changing the configuration of the rooms.

In other words, they can conveniently change the room patterns, like bringing in the bedroom near the front door and place the dining and kitchen near the rear portion of the bungalow close to the rear garden space to give a touch of eco-friendly sensation.

Moreover, custom-made bungalow designs are flexible in bringing in different shapes such as aesthetically extended roof layouts with artistic support pillars, and baroque-style brick patterns. Again, the front layout of porches makes it convenient to amplify the living area right to the open outdoors. Hence, bungalows can easily be expanded sidewise till the rear garden, or upwards by adding some floors creating more space, if the families are growing gradually.


bungalow for sale in Newtown Kolkata

In the Best Bungalow Buying Guide, property buyers get to know that bungalows have a very high preference in the property industry, thereby enhancing the prospect of re-marketability in terms of purchases. This also increases the potentiality in case the house owner wants to augment the value of the bungalow by modifying the entire property. Besides, if the owner wants to attract more worth when selling the bungalow, they can conveniently do the same by offering additional areas to the buyers through revamping or adding more rooms such as an extra storage space or even a bedroom.

Again, the attractive exterior portions of the bungalows are appealing enough to charm potential buyers and fetch a great resale price. Moreover, as bungalow-styled open-concept houses have the advantage of all-in-one floor design, they are always highly admired. This is due to the reason that such low-maintenance spacious properties are not easily available, which automatically enhances their brand value. Therefore, bungalows are genuine investments, wherein it draws potentially higher sale value in the future.

Child-Friendly Habitat

Bungalows are a one-of-a-kind kid-friendly habitat, as due to the open-plan designs with easy accessibility to all rooms; parents can keep smooth surveillance of their babies and kids constantly. Besides, they do not need to worry about their children tripping over staircases, as there are no extra floors on the property. Moreover, all bungalows come with large rear gardens big enough for young kids to play and traverse in safety.  

Comfortable for Golden Oldies

Convenient For Senior Citizen

The single-story layout is shaped best for the older persons, as they get ample space to navigate freely in the house, without having to access any staircases. Hence, this helps them considerably, as they might have developed weaker bones and issues of mobility. Again, they might have been affected by hip ailments and arthritis which can be painful, if these elderly persons have to constantly move up and down the floors, which is not the case in bungalows. Hence, they can depend on their own, without anyone’s support, and can be left home easily without any troubles. Therefore, these bungalows are the perfect house for all retired elderly persons enjoying their golden older years.

Ecological Lifestyle

From our Complete Guide for Buying a Bungalow, the buyers can find yet another vital advantage of residing in a bungalow style home is that it helps to minimize the carbon influence across the home. This is true for the reason that such open-design homes consume very little energy, and are more effective in distributing the heat uniformly across the entire property.

Therefore, as the HVAC or climate management system is least required for a bungalow, it helps to retain the money on the electricity bills, resultantly mitigating the effects of greenhouse gases in their homes through carbon emissions.

Moreover, dwellers can also create opportunities for rainwater harvesting within the boundary of their bungalow. They can even implement some smaller-scale solar energy panels, thereby cultivating the usage of natural resources, and initiating an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Convenient for Welcoming Visitors

Convenient for welcoming visitors

Bungalows become more engaging, in case friends and guests are needed to stay for some time. Owners can easily shape a visitor’s room by converting their additional bedroom, offering convenient passage to the washroom, kitchen, and adjoining areas like the backside gardens, without having any trouble for their respective privacy. Besides, the open-concept floor layout makes it more convenient for the visitors to gossip and socialize.

Extra Space for Development

There is always greater scope for modification and extension of additional spaces in a bungalow. Likewise, the owner can configure the extending large backside garden available with all bungalow-type houses into a spectacular open-air kitchen and dining options. Moreover, they can also modify their open spaces and generate modifications of rooms such as options of three bathrooms, two extra bedrooms, and comprehensive living-cum-dining designs. In this way, they can easily create more spaces to adjust guests, and not compromising with privacy.

Additionally, these innovative developments and modifications of rooms will serve as a great advantage, if the owner has an adolescent family member who would mostly need a private space for growing up independently.

Pet Friendly

Pet Friendly

As bungalows are spacious open-style one-floor residential zone, it makes them very pet-friendly. Besides, almost all bungalows have lush green backyards, which offer the pets more freedom to enjoy their activities with such added outdoor space within the compound. Moreover, owners are also ensured of the fact that the pets do not venture outside, and stays within the periphery of the bungalow or its enclosed garden.


Living in bungalows has its exclusivity, due to its advantage of a detached type of property. Hence, the dwellers do not have to share the exterior walls or boundaries with neighboring families, while they can enjoy their separate water supplies. Therefore, they can conveniently manage the water supply and usages, apart from other everyday essentials.

Congenial Community

Persons buying bungalows can feel secured about the fact that their homes are set up in a congenial neighborhood. Hence, as bungalows are built within an elite group of community homes, owners can always get a richer taste of upper-class residential locality. Therefore, dwellers can preferably mingle with compatible persons in the commune and socialize with individuals of similar statuses. In this way, our Bungalow Buying Guide in 2021 can help residents easily developing congenial interrelationship with fellow inhabitants.

Other Vital Considerations before Buying a Bungalow, from our Bungalow Buying Guide in 2021:

Frequently Asked Question
  • Do you wish to build your bungalow on a large piece of land? If yes, you need to decide on extended remodelling plans, if the same do not fit your requirements. As bungalows mostly come with large plots, so it is judicious before reconsidering any further revamps.
  • Are you contemplating an extension? In that case, you must obtain all the essential planning permissions from the local authorities in advance.
  • Do you feel comfortable residing in an open-concept single-floor house? Bungalows are idealistic models of open-styled homes allowing additional light and showcasing the delusion of more space.
  • Do you require a trouble-free space inside your homes? If yes, bungalows will be the best choice, as with an open-design concept, it becomes beneficial especially for the disabled persons who can move freely with their wheelchairs or walkers without any hindrances.  
  • Do you want to modify the storage area? If yes, you need to justify how much loft space you need, as with redesigning options the storage size might shrink.
Final Verdict of our bungalow buying guide in 2021

Eventually, it can be rightly said that with so many positive attributes, property buyers should take due advantage of a bungalow’s substantial prospects of development and transformation to actualize exponential returns on their investments. However, they should adopt the possibilities according to their needs and preferences before considering living an affluent and luxurious lifestyle.

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